DIY wallpaper vision board

Dear twenty-twenty one: if you cannot be easy on me, I shall be easy on myself. No badges will be worn in honor of pain, suffering, hard times. I will not close my arms across my chest because of the storm. Instead I will allow the rain to soften me, blur my edges, nourish my heart, so I can bloom once again towards the sun. I won't become hardened by the tragedies that surround us, instead I will sink my heart into beauty, wonder, sunsets, books, birds taking flight, laughter, quiet moments - peace. It still exists, in plenty, you know.

I'm sure you've heard of a vision board before - maybe you've even made one or two! But just in case you haven't, here's my brief intro:

A vision board is a collection or collage of things (images, words, ideas) that you want to bring forth into reality. The idea is that when you visualize these things, on a daily basis, the universe will help lead you in the right direction. Following the idea that what we focus on expands - this vision board (or dream board) helps us to refocus on what's important.

You know when you talk to someone about a red mustang, and then you start seeing red mustangs everywhere?? It's like that. Not saying that staring at these pictures everyday will make them appear, like magic (wouldn't that be nice). But rather it helps you to stay hyper-focused on your goals, allowing them to become more prominent, and therefore the path becomes more and more clear with a little help from the universe

In the past, I would make mine from scratch - a new year ritual, I would lay on the floor with magazines and tape and a huge mess around me. I have made them in journals, on a cork board, on bristol board (remember bristol board??) and last year I made it right inside my daily planner. Although I find it kind of soothing, this year I decided to clean up my act (also I didn't have any old magazines). So I decided to make a virtual vision board.

Also - what do we look at more than our phones and laptops??

Here's how I created my wallpaper vision board:

  1. Scour the internet for images of places, things, ideas, words - whatever it is you want to include on your vision board. Imagine the internet as one big magazine. Instead of cutting up scraps and making a huge mess, just save the pics to your device. I used Pinterest for all my photos, because well, I use pinterest for everything.

  2. Find your favorite graphic design website or app, I use Canva because it's free and super easy to use!!

  3. Select the template size that best suits your project (ie desktop wallpaper, iphone wallpaper, etc). I used the Blank Desktop Wallpaper option on Canva, they also have an option called Blank Phone Wallpaper.

  4. Upload all your photos and get to work! If you're using Canva, click the Upload Media button on the left hand side of the website. Once the photos are uploaded, I played around with them until they were all in a position I liked.

  5. If you have a theme word for 2021, add that to the vision board as well! My word this year is: nourish. I used a photo of this word, but you could also just add your own text over the photos.

  6. Download the image to your device, and set it as your wallpaper. Open your device and stare at said wallpaper. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

I guess I should mention, that besides just staring at my vision board, I also use the practice of manifesting on a regular basis. This practice is a form of meditation - close your eyes, visualize these things in your mind, and here's the important part, you have to cultivate the feeling you will have once you gain these things.

For instance, if you really want to buy a new house, staring at pictures of said house is not enough. You must also feel the exact feeling you will have when this house finally comes into your possession. Imagine yourself there, standing in the house, holding the keys, and the sense of pride or [insert emotion] you will feel when it's finally yours. I swear this really works.

Last year, my vision board included: a new car, a cozy looking apartment, the words seaside, digital presence and love. I practiced manifesting by imagining myself driving this car - in my mind it was a black car, a manual shift and a leather steering wheel. I imagined my hands on the wheel, shifting gears, feeling proud and accomplished. On June 19th, I test drove a black Jetta (the first and only car I took for a test drive) and the entire time felt like Deja Vu. I had been here before, driving this exact car, in my manifesting practice. I drove it off the lot that day.

I also practiced imagining myself in a cozy apartment, I clearly visualized each detail, down to plants and furniture and how I felt sitting inside. On Sept 1st, I moved into this exact apartment. On April 2nd, I signed a social media contract (with a dream brand), just like I had imagined increasing my digital presence. Covid forced me to move home, closer to the ocean - seaside once again. My greatest accomplishment this year, by far, was visualizing love and my ideal partner. I imagined myself, sitting face to face with this person, holding hands, and I became very clear on how I wanted to feel. When I met up for our first date (my first and only date of 2020), I knew he was the person I had dreamt of. Manifesting turned into reality.

I could go on and on about this practice - but I'll save your precious time. Send me a message and let's connect if you want to learn more! Lastly, here is my 2021 vision board and two other examples if you need some help getting started. Cheers to a new year!! 🥂